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'Sentience' published by Piker Press

Link to Piker Press Piker Press have published 'Sentience,' from my anthology 'Dead People on Facebook.' It's the journey of Mary, an abandoned pleasure bot, and is this week's cover story.

365 Tomorrows publish 'Vacant Possession' a very short story

Link to 365Tomorrows
'Vacant Possession' of a house or a planet, it's all the same.

AntipodeanSF podcast 'Soul Mates' a story from the collection 'Dead People on Facebook'

Link to the story
Martin was never comfortable with the gender binary

TallTaleTV podcasts 'Implant.' Even advanced societies have breakdowns

Link to 'Implant'
When Time Travel goes wrong

The Gary Cocciolillo interview. Chronoscape, the thinly disguised truth about Time Travel


Matt Nappo interviews me on MinddogTV about my book 'Chronoscape - The future's flexible, we can change it'

The thinly disguised truth about Time Travel
Link to the Matt Nappo interview on MinddogTV

The AntipodeanAF Radio Show broadcasts 'Trackers' a very short story from my anthology 'Dead People on Facebook'

Link to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show
This is  a time slip story, its the third story on the show

The 50th Issue of Sirens Call ezine

Link to Sirens Call June2020
Two of my stories have been included in this issue: 'Lone Orbit', a female astronaut faces problems on the International Space Station and 'He Seemed Familiar', a tale of twisted Timelines.

The AntipodeanSF website has podcast my very short story, 'Five Years'

Link to 'Five Years' at AntipodeanSF

You might like the twist in this one, I wrote it in 2018.

Both the title and story were inspired by the David Bowie track of the same name.

'The Fly on the Wall' a short story narrated by Chris Herron at TallTaleTV

Link to 'The Fly on the Wall'
In the near future, surveillance technology takes a leaf from nature's book.
This stand alone story is one of the chapters from the time travel novel 'Chronoscape.'

Link to 'Chronoscape'

Chris Herron at Tall Tale TV narrates 'Crash Dummy'

Link to Crash Dummy
A priest and an air crash investigator get onto a plane........

Author interview with N3F

Link to the N3F Review of books April 2020

Tamara Wilhite of the National Fantasy Fan Magazine N3F was kind enough to interview me about my books and stories in the April edition of their Book Review.

Tall Tale TV podcasts my short story 'Star Sign'

Link to 'Star Sign'
Sometimes dating agencies can go a little too far!

The Antipodean Radio Show begins a weekly serialisation of Steampunk Confederation

Link to the Antipodean Radio Show
This the first half of my book 'The Steampunk Adventures of Harry Lampeter.'

Episode 1 broadcast on   4th April 2020 Episode 2 broadcast on 11th April 2020 Episode 3 broadcast on 18th April 2020 Episode 4 broadcast on 25th April 2020 Episode 5 broadcast on  2nd May 2020 Episode 6 broadcast on   9th May 2020 Episode 7 broadcast on 16th May 2020 Episode 8 broadcast on 23th May 2020 Episode 9 broadcast on 30th May 2020 Episode 10 broadcast on 6th June 2020

AntipodeanSF publish my story 'Turing Test.'

Link to Turing Test
A Turing Test is used to decided whether an artificial intelligence is sentient or not, so why not apply it to a parrot?

Tall Tale TV have podcast my story 'Pilgrimage'

Link to Pilgrimage. This story won an Honourable mention in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest

A message from the Chosen is sent back to their hive, regaling their brethren with the wonders that await them.

Sirens Call horror ezine publishes my new story 'Perdition'


Tall Tale TV have just published my Zombie story 'Curing Brian'

Link to 'Curing Brian'
Sometimes you have to do what's necessary to survive

365tomorrows have just published my short story 'Target Acquisition'

Link to 'Target Acquisition'
It's nice to be published on the 365tomorrows website again. This FREE short story prompted me to write my techno thriller 'The Muslim Prince.'

CommuterLit publish my story 'Panacea'

Link to'Panacea'

The word 'Panacea' means a remedy for all ills and in this case its all the things that make older people insecure. I've brought back Mary the drone pilot from my novel 'Chronoscape.' She's retired from the Ar Force and is living in a market town in Suffolk, UK.

Bewildering Stories publishes my 'Magic' story 'Ancient and Modern'

Link to 'Ancient and Modern'

This is one of the few stories I've written that rely on 'Magic' or in this case the Old Religion crossing swords with the New Technology.
Now that I've finished my novel 'The Steampunk Adventures of Harry Lampeter' I'd like to write more abut the White Witch.

AntipodeanSF have just published my comic sci-fi story 'Couples Therapy.'

I've written several stories about an old guy living with a synthetic (robot) companion, after his wife has died. Sometimes the robot has sentience and human feelings, sometimes not. It's from my collection 'Dead People on Facebook' which is available on Amazon.

Link to 'Couples Therapy'

Tall Tale TV have just podcast my story 'The Wheel Fiddle'

Chris Herron at Tall Tale TV has just podcast one of my few 'magical' stories. It's about a mysterious man with a musical instrument called a 'hurdy gurdy.' From my collection of speculative fiction: 'Dead People on Facebook' which is available on Amazon Kindle, it's FREE, short and rather mysterious.
Link to 'The Wheel Fiddle'

Meghan and Harry

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave the British Royal Family and move to Canada I feel it's worth mentioning my book,'The Muslim Prince.' The main character is a Prince of the House of Windsor who marries a Princess of the House of Saud, converts to Islam and leaves the UK. It was published last July but most of it was written two years ago.
Link to 'The Muslim Prince'