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A detailed and perceptive review of 'Chronoscape' by reader Jan Hansen

  Link to Chronoscape on Amazon Time. And again. I love it! Ley produces a riveting narrative in this book. It manages to be fairly straight forward, while being riddled with complexities of choice and events. There is so much at play, I really enjoyed taking the time to listen again. having said that, this is not a "feel good novel". this is a no holds thriller. Chronoscape feels very "un-hollywood", in fact it feels almost indie-British, which is one of my favourite aspects of the book. It is not a spectacle of superintelligence and base evil. It isn't even Star Trekky in its weird timeline but ultimately "good will prevail" mumbo jumbo. Actions have irrevocable consequences in THIS reality. and boy do they take actions. I think (without having a scientific clue, really) that causality, temporal mechanics and the genesis (and long term application) of "time-meddling" are excellently and logically rationalized. it makes sense and offers an i