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Tall Tale TV have just published my Zombie story 'Curing Brian'

Link to 'Curing Brian' Sometimes you have to do what's necessary to survive

365tomorrows have just published my short story 'Target Acquisition'

Link to 'Target Acquisition' It's nice to be published on the 365tomorrows website again. This FREE short story prompted me to write my techno thriller 'The Muslim Prince.'

CommuterLit publish my story 'Panacea'

Link to'Panacea' The word 'Panacea' means a remedy for all ills and in this case its all the things that make older people insecure. I've brought back Mary the drone pilot from my novel 'Chronoscape.' She's retired from the Ar Force and is living in a market town in Suffolk, UK.

Bewildering Stories publishes my 'Magic' story 'Ancient and Modern'

Link to 'Ancient and Modern' This is one of the few stories I've written that rely on 'Magic' or in this case the Old Religion crossing swords with the New Technology. Now that I've finished my novel 'The Steampunk Adventures of Harry Lampeter' I'd like to write more abut the White Witch.

AntipodeanSF have just published my comic sci-fi story 'Couples Therapy.'

I've written several stories about an old guy living with a synthetic (robot) companion, after his wife has died. Sometimes the robot has sentience and human feelings, sometimes not. It's from my collection 'Dead People on Facebook' which is available on Amazon. Link to 'Couples Therapy'