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Lee Forman from Sirens Call ezine interviews me about my new anthology

Link to Lee Forman' interview

Sirens Call ezine publishes 'Piranha'

Link to 'Piranha'

A witty review of my new book 'Dead People on Facebook'

Funny, punchy, bitesized stories - and always unexpected. 5 Stars I've published a few of these stories at my web zine Fiction on the Web I love how much Roger Ley can pack in to a super-short story. He builds his characters with just a few deft strokes, gets you ready for a great punchline, and then blindsides you with a dark twist. These stories are like jellybeans: you're never sure what flavour you're going to get,and it might be earwax, but you can't help yourself from having just one more. Charlie Fish, editor of Fiction on the Web ezine Link to dead People on Facebook

My new book 'Dead People on Facebook' published on Amazon

Link to Dead People on Facebook

'Crash Dummy' published by Altered Reality ezine

Link to short story 'Crash Dummy'

'Harley' published by Short Story Me ezine

Link to 'Harley' at Short Story Me ezine

Trajectory - published by AntipodeanSF

Link to 'Trajectory'