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Free US and UK promo codes available for 'The Muslim Prince'

  Newly published on Audible, free promo codes available: What if Princess Diana hadn't died in the Paris car crash in 1997? What if there had been no crash? What if she'd converted to Islam and married Dodi Fayed? In this alternate reality Prince William succeeds to the throne and his mother, Princess Diana, rejoins the Royal Family as a Muslim Queen Mother. Meanwhile, her grandson James, the next in line to the throne, is under the spell of a Saudi Arabian Princess who wants him to convert and become the first Muslim King of England. In this intriguing thriller the future King of England treads a difficult path through a religiously divided nation while international forces attempt to capture the British Royal Family using a highly unusual method. Message me on Facebook here

Tall TaleTV podcasts a short spaceflight story 'Lone Orbit'

  Link to TallTaleTV Mary is set to break the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman in two weeks, but events on Earth alter her plans. This is a story from my collection of stories 'Dead People on Facebook' Link to the collection

The AntipodeanSF Radio Show broadcastst 'Turing Test'

Link to the Radio show   If you can apply a Turing Test to a computer, then why not apply one to a wily African Grey parrot

AntipodeanSF publishes 'Implant'

  A mystery sci fi story from the collection 'Dead People on Facebook'  Link to the story