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Blue Straggler Episode 1

Link to Radio Hydrogen   Russell Burridge of Radio Hydrogen in Australia interviews me about my novel 'Chronoscape.' It was a very interesting experience.

Tall Tale TV podcasts 'Ancient and Modern'

  Link to Tall Tale TV White magic, hiding in plain sight, in modern times.

Emails from twenty years in the future

The emails from 20 years in the future started arriving when Dr Martin Riley was leading a team of scientists analyzing results from the Proton Ring at CERN in the 1990's. The emails were addressed to Riley and were supposedly being sent by his future self. But how could Riley be sure the posts were genuine and that Temporal Messaging was possible? #MartiRiley #chronoscape Listen to the explanation FREE on Audible Picture courtesy Latente Flickr

The Attack on Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station

  On Martin Riley's timeline, Sizewell B nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast of the UK wasn't proof against targeted attack. Link to 'Chronoscape' on Audible

Temporal Messaging at Martlesham

This complex at Martlesham near Ipswich, UK is called Adastral Park and is one of British Telecoms main research centers. In the 1990's on Martin Riley's timeline it was a part of the British Government's signals intelligence network, an outpost of GCHQ. This is where Dr Riley first set up his Temporal Messaging equipment, before the project was taken over by the US Government and moved to Langley #MartinRiley #Chronoscape Link to 'Chronoscape' the thinly disguised truth about Time Travel.

Martin Riley makes his first approach

This is the Angel Hotel in Halesworth, Suffolk, UK, where I was first approached by the time traveler Martin Riley in 2015. He handed me a box of notebooks and pen drives which I used to write my novel 'Chronoscape'. It's the thinly disguised truth about time travel. Link to 'Chronoscape, The future's flexible, we can change it'