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Chris Heron of Tall Tale TV reads 'Five Years'

  As a world killing asteroid looms toward Earth humanity must escape to Mars, but is the selection process of who lives and dies fair? One of the stories from my anthology 'Dead People on Facebook' Link to the story on Tall Tale TV

Harry Lampeter and the Turing Engine is FREE to download this weekend

  Harry Lampeter and the Turing Engine Book 3 of the Harry Lampeter series is FREE to download I'd appreciate a review if you enjoy it Renegade patriot Harry Lampeter is called back into service by MI6 The Franco-German alliance has occupied the island of Guernsey and plans to invade England. They try to pass their action off as a peacekeeping operation but they have built steam launchers for their flying bombs, high altitude observation balloons for targeting, and Big Bertha, an enormous gun sited on the French coast that can bombard London. But all this activity is a smoke screen intended to hide their real intentions, an invasion from a completely different and unexpected direction. Harry, with the help of the Brigadier, Ms Rigby, Shaky Tom and erotic dancers Emma and Elsa are called to play their part in saving Albion. Even Mr Tze Lim’s Chinese Magic Lantern Show with its cornucopia of ‘Bare-naked Ladies’ has a role to play. Link to Amazon UK Link to Amazon US