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An extract from Chapter 1 of 'Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland'

  Two days later, the Francis Holmes had latched onto a mooring tower at London City Airport. The passengers disembarked while the new ones were being processed. The ship would shortly uncouple, motor back to Heathrow Airport and pick up cargo for the next transatlantic run. Harry stood at the foot of the mooring tower and looked up at the patched grey hull of the “Old Bag” as all aircrew affectionately referred to their airships. An extract from 'Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland' ASIN ‏ : ‎ B095KN13N2

I finally bought a copy of my latest novel

  I finally bought a copy of my latest book, which I released on Kindle Direct Publishing in September. The publishing process is free but you don't get a box of paperbacks unless you purchase author copies. Most of my sales are on Kindle and Audible, but I needed a physical copy as a trophy, I suppose. I find that books are like kids. You get all excited when you bring the first one home but the more you have the more you take them in your stride. Needless to say, I'm now focused on my next offering. Link to my Amazon author page