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The Oldie Magazine include 'Northerm Rock' in their blog

This story was first published in the October 2022 issue of The Oldie but I was pleased to see it included in their blog in February. Presumably the editor liked it.  

An enthusiastic review of 'The Muslim Prince' from Nikki Coltwood

Nikki Coltwood 5.0 out of 5 stars   A 'what-if' novel at its best! BRAVO! Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 25, 2023 Verified Purchase I remember the day Princess Diana died, I also remember the day J.F.K. was assassinated. Many years after the Kennedy assassination, well-known author, Stephen King, took up the what-if challenge — what if JFK hadn’t been assassinated? I did not particularly like King’s vision of a future with Kennedy in it. “The Muslim Prince”, by Roger Ley, is another what-if story regarding a woman who could have been Queen of England except for infidelity and divorce. Afterward, she dedicated her life to humanitarian causes while loving her two sons (one of whom would become the future King of England) and was loved by many, including her fiancé, Dodi Al Fayed, born in Egypt to a billionaire and achieved success in his own worldly endeavours. IF Diana and Dodi had survived, how might their lives have affected the future monarchy of Britain… and bey