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TallTaleTV podcasts 'Implant.' Even advanced societies have breakdowns

Link to 'Implant' When Time Travel goes wrong

The Gary Cocciolillo interview. Chronoscape, the thinly disguised truth about Time Travel

Link to Everything Imaginable

Matt Nappo interviews me on MinddogTV about my book 'Chronoscape - The future's flexible, we can change it'

The thinly disguised truth about Time Travel Link to the Matt Nappo interview on M inddogTV

The AntipodeanAF Radio Show broadcasts 'Trackers' a very short story from my anthology 'Dead People on Facebook'

Link to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show This is  a time slip story, its the third story on the show 

The 50th Issue of Sirens Call ezine

Link to Sirens Call June2020 Two of my stories have been included in this issue: 'Lone Orbit', a female astronaut faces problems on the International Space Station and 'He Seemed Familiar', a tale of twisted Timelines.

The AntipodeanSF website has podcast my very short story, 'Five Years'

Link to 'Five Years' at AntipodeanSF You might like the twist in this one, I wrote it in 2018. Both the title and story were inspired by the David Bowie track of the same name.