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The Day of the Dead - A short story to celebrate this ancient festival

  Link to Tall Tale TV This is the first story in my anthology 'Dead People on Facebook' Amazon link to 'Dead People on Facebook'

A Scary Halloween to all my friends and readers

The writer in his garret Link to my Amazon writer's page  

Newly published on Audible, 'The Digital Meltdown' is the prequel to the Harry Lampeter series

  Scientist Dr. Martin Riley hopes to solve the world's plastic pollution problem and get very rich in the process, but the bacterium Ideonella Sakaiensis has its own agenda. Riley engineers a new strain of bacteria to tackle the ever-growing plastic pollution crisis. Initially, he is hailed as a hero and awarded a Nobel Prize, but the bacteria attack all the plastic on the planet, destroy the internet and bring an end to the Digital Age.  Link to Audible UK Link to Audible US

Ted Huggins at Cryo Pod Tapes podcasts my story 'Living Will'

  Ted Huggins at Cryo Pod Tapes podcasts my very short story 'Living Will'. Who would you choose to switch off your life support machine as your life comes to an end? #scifi #horror #HorrorCommunity Link to Cryo Pod Tapes

Tape 33 Cryo Pod Tapes - In conversation with author Roger Ley

  A conversation between Ted Huggins and myself about my writing journey Link to Episode 33 - Cryo Pod Tapes