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'Sentience' a short story podcast by Chris Herron at Tall Tale TV from my anthology 'Dead People on Facebook'

  Link to Tall Tale TV If an A.I. is property, what happens when its owner dies? 🎙️ "Sentience" 🎙️ Android Short Story

Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland

Link to Amazon Just published on Kindle and free to download on Sunday 30th June 2021 Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland:  A satirical mix of warfare, romance, airships and intrigue The world has returned to the Steam Age. Incensed by cross-border raids from England, the Scots decide it's time to march on London. The English army heads north to stop them and MI6 send Harry Lampeter to report on the hostilities. General Malina’s American peacekeepers arrive as the battle for York begins. In between amorous entanglements, Harry discovers the Americans have a hidden agenda: the invasion of Europe. Meanwhile, Harry’s friend, Telford Stephenson, has joined the Scottish Air Force and is enjoying his own adventures. Wisps of steam, a pair of erotic dancers, a cat called Nigel and the distant skirl of bagpipes all add color to Harry Lampeter’s first anarchic adventure. Book 1 of 2:  Harry Lampeter and the Return to Steam  

'Lone Orbit' a female astronaut alone on the International Space Station - A short story broadcast by the AntipodeanSF Radio Show

  Link to the Radio Show Another story from my collection 'Dead People on Facebook'