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Tall Tale TV podcast 'Living Will' a story from the collection 'Dead People on Facebook'

Link to 'Living Will'
When Martin Riley decided to get his affairs in order and update his Living Will, he had no idea what it would mean for his future self.

Free Promo codes for the Audible version of 'Chronoscape'

I have a limited number and when they're gone...
Message me on Goodreads or Facebook.  Let me know if you live in the US or UK as the codes are different.

Melanie Lewis's 5 star review of of 'Chronoscape' on Audible

Melanie is Admin for The Book Cub Audible Listeners page on Facebook. She says 'Ohmidays! OHMIDAYS! I've finished and here's my review. I'll be taking the rest of the day off. If anyone wants me I'm lying down in a darkened room - and thinking, so much to think about!' Link to Goodreads I have a limited number of PROMO codes for FREE copies of this Audible book. You can download the Audible app free and use it to play Audible files just like you can with Kindle. Message me about this on Facebook or Goodreads.

The thinly disguised truth about Time Travel

The Audible version of 'Chronoscape' is newly available

I'm very pleased to say that my time travel novel, 'Chronoscape' is available on Audible. Narrated by the talented Craig Bowles, it'll save you all that exhausting reading.
Listed as fiction, it's actually the thinly disguised truth about Time Travel.
Link to Audible

'Sentience' published by Piker Press

Link to Piker Press Piker Press have published 'Sentience,' from my anthology 'Dead People on Facebook.' It's the journey of Mary, an abandoned pleasure bot, and is this week's cover story.

365 Tomorrows publish 'Vacant Possession' a very short story

Link to 365Tomorrows
'Vacant Possession' of a house or a planet, it's all the same.

AntipodeanSF podcast 'Soul Mates' a story from the collection 'Dead People on Facebook'

Link to the story
Martin was never comfortable with the gender binary