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Link to Chronoscape on AudibleCIA headquarters at Langley, the Temporal Messaging unit was moved here when the US Government took over the project. Martin Riley was surprised at the lavish facilities, he had six Cyclotrons now rather than the two he'd had at Martlesham in the UK. It was a shame that he crossed swords with Colonel Wilson who didn't understand the full implications of controlling the future by making changes to the present.
Link to Chronoscape on AudibleA fly with a pack of quantum electronics inserted when it's at the pupal stage develops into a flydrone, They're flown remotely by a human pilot. In the novel 'Chronoscape' pilots are trained to land on DARK backgrounds where possible, to avoid swats. #chronoscape#flygate#flies#nofliesonme Listen free to the novel, but buy some fly spray

Martin Riley's adventure on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge spans the Potomac River between Virginia, and Maryland in the USA. The Time traveler, Martin Riley suffered a dramatic incident here. It's detailed in the Prologue of 'Chronoscape' a novel which tells the true story of Martin's invention of Temporal Messaging.Link to 'Chronoscape'
Picture courtesy of aecom

AntipodeanSF publishes 'Lone Orbit' a story from my collection 'Dead People on Facebook'

Link to 'Lone Orbit' The header picture for this issue of AntipodeanSF is an astronaut in the cupola of the International Space Station. It references my story very nicely.

Blue Straggler Episode 1

Link to Radio HydrogenRussell Burridge of Radio Hydrogen in Australia interviews me about my novel 'Chronoscape.' It was a very interesting experience.

Tall Tale TV podcasts 'Ancient and Modern'

Link to Tall Tale TVWhite magic, hiding in plain sight, in modern times.

Emails from twenty years in the future

The emails from 20 years in the future started arriving when Dr Martin Riley was leading a team of scientists analyzing results from the Proton Ring at CERN in the 1990's. The emails were addressed to Riley and were supposedly being sent by his future self. But how could Riley be sure the posts were genuine and that Temporal Messaging was possible? #MartiRiley#chronoscape
Listen to the explanation FREE on Audible Picture courtesy Latente Flickr