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The Muslim Prince - Currently free to download

  An intelligent techno thriller. An alternative future history of the British Royal Family Currently FREE to download on Kindle

Newly published on Audible - 'Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland'

  The anarchic urban adventures of Harry Lampeter. A Steam Age satire. The world has returned to a new age of steam. Harry Lampeter leaves the Merchant Air Service in search of excitement and adventure. A brush with the law leads to his recruitment by MI6. His adventures begin when the Scots invade England and march on London. Meanwhile, Harry’s step-sister, Emma, and her partner, Elsa, make the most of the wartime atmosphere in London. Their erotic song and dance act, managed by Shaky Tom Fletcher – theatrical agent, turf accountant, entrepreneur and drug dealer - goes down a storm. And then the American invasion begins.... Link to Audible UK Link to Audible US

A Summer break from writing

  The kitchen garden needs attention every day but it's worth it for the fresh produce.

My time travel novel 'Chronoscape' will be free to download from 6th to the 10th August 2021

  'Chronoscape ' will be free to download from Kindle from 6th to the 10th Aug 2021. I also have some Audible promo codes left. This is the link: Link to 'Chronoscape' on Amazon The story hinges on the fact that Dr Martin Riley can send information back two weeks in time. He starts by using this information to make himself rich but the UK Government and then the US Government take over the technology and use it secretly for political ends. Riley feels aggrieved that he will never get the fame and Nobel prize he deserves. He also realizes that the Timestream is being disturbed and there will be consequences. There are!

'The Chronoscape Collection' - new on Amazon

  Book 1 'Chronoscape', A story of time travel and alternative history. Book 2 'The Muslim Prince', in this alternate reality, Diana converts to Islam and marries Dodi Fayed. Book 3 'Dead People on Facebook' is a collection of short stories published and podcast in various e-zines internationally during the years 2018 to 2021. Link to Amazon

'Target Acquisition' , a stand alone chapter from the novella 'The Muslim Prince'. Podcast by Chris Herron at Tale Tale TV

  Link to Tall Tale TV Technology makes assassination almost too easy

'Implant' broadcast by the AntopodeanSF Radio Show

  Link to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show The story is from my collection 'Dead People on Facebook'