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A detailed and perceptive review of my novel 'Chronoscape' by reader Jan Hansen

  Link to Chronoscape on Amazon Time. And again. I love it! Ley produces a riveting narrative in this book. It manages to be fairly straight forward, while being riddled with complexities of choice and events. There is so much at play, I really enjoyed taking the time to listen again. having said that, this is not a "feel good novel". this is a no holds thriller. Chronoscape feels very "un-hollywood", in fact it feels almost indie-British, which is one of my favourite aspects of the book. It is not a spectacle of superintelligence and base evil. It isn't even Star Trekky in its weird timeline but ultimately "good will prevail" mumbo jumbo. Actions have irrevocable consequences in THIS reality. and boy do they take actions. I think (without having a scientific clue, really) that causality, temporal mechanics and the genesis (and long term application) of "time-meddling" are excellently and logically rationalized. it makes sense and offers an i

A fireside chat about the Alien film franchise. Four authors at Radio Retrofuture

  A conversation about the films 'Alien' and 'Aliens' with Bonsart Bokel, Vander, AuthorMatt ( Matt Waterhouse) and myself. For me, it was an interesting and enlightening discussion. Link to Radio Retrofuture

Bonsart of Radio Retrofuture talks to me about Steampunk and Speculative fiction in general.

  An hour's chat about Steampunk, my Harry Lampeter series, speculative fiction and the 1979 film Alien. Link to Radio Retrofuture

One of my readers sent this picture - I like the biplane in the background, it matches the cover of the first Harry Lampeter book in the series.

  Link to the series 'Harry Lampeter and the Return to Steam'

The Riley posts - The only known picture of Dr Martin Riley on this timeline

  The only known picture of Martin Riley, the inventor of Temporal Messaging. I found this on one of the pen drives he gave me when he asked me to write about his invention, which I did in my book 'Chronoscape.' Temporal Messaging has been kept very secret on his home timeline and my guess is that he wanted to be famous somewhere. I also think that he chose me to write about his invention because I've published a variety of books and stories and I'm also technically literate. This is my last post on this subject. If you want to know the whole story check out 'Chronoscape' (note spelling) on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited or Audible.  At Riley's request I've priced the book as low as I'm allowed. Below is a link to the podcast on Radio Hydrogen where I'm interviewed about  'Chronoscape' by perceptive presenter Russel Burridge  Link to Radio Hydrogen

The Riley posts - A modified fly used as a drone - Quantum electronics allow MI6 and the CIA to use fly drones for surveillance from the mid 2040s

A fly with an enlarged thorax. A quantum electronics pack has been inserted during the pupal stage, when insects exists as a biological stew. Millions of control connections are automatically made as it develops into an adult. This allows it to be externally controlled. The adult fly becomes an almost perfect surveillance device when flown remotely by a trained VR drone pilot. This technology isn't currently available but according to Dr Riley's notes fly drones come into secret use by MI6 and the CIA in the 2040s.  Fly drones are cheap, easy to produce, and very effective.  Below is a link to the 'Everything Imaginable' podcast where Gary Cocciolillo interviews me about my involvement with Dr Riley and his invention of Temporal Messaging.  Link to Everything Imaginable  

The Riley posts - CIA headquarters Langley - The US Government took over the Temporal Messaging project and set up the laboratory here

The CIA headquarters at Langley. The Temporal Messaging team were moved here when the British Government could no longer afford to fund the project. On Riley's timeline the American Government made an early Temporal Adjustment and prevented the 9/11 atrocity by arresting the terrorist pilots and deporting them two weeks before the incident happened.  Below is a link to the MindDogTV podcast where Matt Nappo interviews me about Martin Riley and Temporal Messaging. The first three minutes are adverts which you can jump over if you wish. Link to Minddog TV