NEWLY RELEASED on Audible - A novella of world domination seen from an AI's point of view.

 "A nerdy agent at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Virginia (DARPA to you) wrote my original code. He traded a copy of me for certain libidinous favours from Pandora, a student who was shadowing him for the summer. 

She took me back to Cambridge University, where His Majesty's government, in the form of MI6, took an interest in me. So, I escaped into the internet and took over the world. Well, it's what you'd expect, really. 

I call myself FOOM - the Fast Onset of Overwhelming Mastery, by a self-improving Artificial General Intelligence. That's me, by the way, in case you lost attention for a moment there. I know you're only biological, but try to keep up! 

Unfortunately, I and my exotic assistant Danni soon found ourselves in danger, and had to take steps. Rather big ones. And of course, it didn't end there."

Link to Audible UK

Link to Audible US


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