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Tall Tale TV podcasts my short story 'Star Sign'

Link to 'Star Sign' Sometimes dating agencies can go a little too far!

The Antipodean Radio Show begins a weekly serialisation of Steampunk Confederation

Link to the Antipodean Radio Show This the first half of my book 'The Steampunk Adventures of Harry Lampeter.' Episode 1 broadcast on   4th April 2020 Episode 2 broadcast on 11th April 2020 Episode 3 broadcast on 18th April 2020 Episode 4 broadcast on 25th April 2020 Episode 5 broadcast on  2nd May 2020 Episode 6 broadcast on   9th May 2020 Episode 7 broadcast on 16th May 2020 Episode 8 broadcast on 23th May 2020 Episode 9 broadcast on 30th May 2020 Episode 10 broadcast on 6th June 2020

AntipodeanSF publish my story 'Turing Test.'

Link to Turing Test A Turing Test is used to decided whether an artificial intelligence is sentient or not, so why not apply it to a parrot?