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Beware the charming minstrel and his clever mechanical fiddle

Four old friends get together to watch the inauguration over cigars and brandy.

As a world killing asteroid looms toward Earth humanity must escape to Mars, but is the selection process of who lives and dies fair?

In a world destroyed and sent back to a steampunk Victorian age, two secret agents compete for possession of the plans for the new Ironclad warship.

Martin, who never quite fit into the gender binary, finally finds a woman who understands him.

A set of ancient footprints hold more than just an impression.

After a rough launch into Lunar orbit, Martin gets some bad news from the ships A.I.

A divorced father of two contemplates his ex-wife's fate as she prepares to leave the solar system in an experimental spacecraft.

A seemingly innocuous gift from an ex-wife takes on a sinister turn.

A scientist in hiding confides his darkest secret.

To a pensioner who just enjoys the quiet life, the term "We're going to have a baby," takes on a whole new meaning.

The day of the dead is a special thing.

Sometimes a good therapy session leaves you feeling like a whole new person.

A nameless patient, an unknown ailment, a doctor's dilemma.

Star Sign                   

‘So, what’s your star sign?’ Mary asked, and took a sip from her glass, she watched him closely over the rim. It was one of her stock questions on first dates. You could tell a lot about a man, depending on how he reacted. His actual star sign was irrelevant, she didn’t believe in astrology.

Dia de los Muertos    

It’s a Mexican thing. You have to be Mexican to understand the mixture of sadness, joy and resignation we associate with death. We don’t want to die, but we respect our relatives who have gone before us, we cherish them, they are not forgotten.


Siblings, hatchlings, juveniles, we, your brood mates, send filial greetings and news of the successful completion of our sacred journey. These returners who carry our message back to you will guide you on the Pilgrimage next season.


‘Hello, Tycho Centre, this is shuttle Nostromo, over.’
‘Yes Nostromo, Tycho here, over.’
‘There was a hell of a judder as we left the rail launcher, and there’s a red light flashing on the front control console, over.’

The Last Word          

We were all staring up at the sky, waiting for the Dawn Treader to light up her Hawking drives and start the journey to Alpha Centauri. There were hundreds of us, all members of the Design and Construction team with our partners and children. We were partying at our complex, near the foot of the Kisumu Space Elevator. A fair proportion of the world would be watching.

Crash Dummy           

It wouldn’t be a long flight, and I hoped that the aisle seat next to me would stay empty, but no such luck, a young woman took it. I checked her over as she lifted her bag up to the overhead locker. You can’t help it: I mean, I may be a priest but I still have a full set of human instincts.