The Riley posts - The only known picture of Dr Martin Riley on this timeline


The only known picture of Martin Riley, the inventor of Temporal Messaging. I found this on one of the pen drives he gave me when he asked me to write about his invention, which I did in my book 'Chronoscape.' Temporal Messaging has been kept very secret on his home timeline and my guess is that he wanted to be famous somewhere. I also think that he chose me to write about his invention because I've published a variety of books and stories and I'm also technically literate.

This is my last post on this subject. If you want to know the whole story check out 'Chronoscape' (note spelling) on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited or Audible. 

At Riley's request I've priced the book as low as I'm allowed.

Below is a link to the podcast on Radio Hydrogen where I'm interviewed about  'Chronoscape' by perceptive presenter Russel Burridge 

Link to Radio Hydrogen


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