The Riley posts - A modified fly used as a drone - Quantum electronics allow MI6 and the CIA to use fly drones for surveillance from the mid 2040s

A fly with an enlarged thorax. A quantum electronics pack has been inserted during the pupal stage, when insects exists as a biological stew. Millions of control connections are automatically made as it develops into an adult. This allows it to be externally controlled.

The adult fly becomes an almost perfect surveillance device when flown remotely by a trained VR drone pilot. This technology isn't currently available but according to Dr Riley's notes fly drones come into secret use by MI6 and the CIA in the 2040s. 

Fly drones are cheap, easy to produce, and very effective. 

Below is a link to the 'Everything Imaginable' podcast where Gary Cocciolillo interviews me about my involvement with Dr Riley and his invention of Temporal Messaging. 

Link to Everything Imaginable 


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