CHRONOSCAPE: the future is flexible, we can change it.

Physicist Martin Riley can receive news stories sent to him from two weeks in the future but the Government steps in and cloaks the technology in secrecy. Despite Riley’s warnings, politicians on both sides of the Atlantic make radical alterations to events. The first temporal alteration saves Princess Diana, the next saves the Twin Towers, but ripples travel far ahead and disturb Earth's future civilisation. The Timestream must be realigned, but at what cost?

Amazon UK reviews:

Forget falling down the rabbit hole, Chronoscape takes you on a journey of discovery down the wormhole!

The idea of finding out what the future holds and the burden of responsibility, use/abuse of power and shocking consequences that come with the ability to change events is bought to life through wonderful characterisation and descriptive narrative.

I found reading Chronoscape a delight which swept me away as I read it and kept me thinking long after I stopped. There is a poignant element of Black Mirror about it. Well worth a read!

Thought provoking and intelligent Sci-Fi. Well-worth reading. Looking forward to more of Roger Ley's books.

Totally gripping and very original story. Well written and leads the reader into places where we feel uncomfortable but familiar at the same time.

This is a cracking story, especially for any fans of sci-fi. A great concept of manipulating time and the effects and extreme consequences of tampering with historic events. Roger Ley's novel is a pacy, action-packed journey forwards and backwards: a temporal roller coaster of a novel. I had to read it in one go, because each chapter leaves you hanging. The plot certainly demands a sequel (or a prequel?). Can't wait.

4 out of 5 Stars  A Temporal Thriller

Rates up there with some of the best in literary and cinematic time travel stories (Benford, Varley, Heinlein / Source Code, 12 Monkeys, Predestination to name a few...). Well written, with good characterization, and moves along at a decent pace while exploring the pros and cons of changing timelines. A very good read !

Amazon US reviews:

5 out of 5 stars   This was a great read
This work of fiction was a great read. The level of literacy, uncanny. Mr. Ley's portrayal of the future and science's tinkering therein kept me riveted. I highly suggest it for readers of time travel genre. What next has Mr. Ley in store for us? I will be one of the first to read it.

4 out of 5 stars   Futuristic Time travel
This futuristic time travel tale is a refreshing sci-fi investigation of changed worlds within Earth's scope. Well written, with modern dialogue and circumstances, "Chronoscape" investigates the ethical dilemmas of time travel and the responsibility that society owes to the past.

A Horse in the Morning: Stories from a sometimes unusual life.

A funny and extraordinary memoir of an engineer, teacher, actor, father and failed astronaut who tells  dramatic, amusing and sometimes mysterious stories with quirky British humour,
peppered with astringent asides. 

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'Roger Ley has had a fascinating life that also reflects British history of the last 65 years. Brought up partly in the Middle East as an RAF brat, there is an echo of the fading British Empire in Roger. Bizarrely he was also a child film actor! Adding on his time as an engineer in Qaddafi's Libya and the UK's nuclear industry, Roger's life is well worth writing about and he has done so brilliantly with characteristic understatement. The important thing about Roger's hinterland as an engineer is that it is far from the experience of most creative writers - and therefore all the more interesting and unusual. 

Quote from bestselling author Edward Wilson.

Amazon UK reviews:

4 out of 5 stars   "Stories from a sometimes unusual life" sums up Roger Ley's ...
"Stories from a sometimes unusual life" sums up Roger Ley's book perfectly. A book of amusing & entertaining anecdotes from many chapters of Roger's life, well worth a read. Also, an inspiration to many of us to write something similar for our children!

4 out of 5 stars   Giving value to the vast life experience of this particular intelligent, enthusiastic and energetic man
The book is well written and keeps the reader's interest because of its pace and humour. The title is well chosen too. In fact one its chief strengths is this: in giving value to the vast life experience of this particular intelligent, enthusiastic and energetic man, it gives value to all those who lead dynamic and challenging lives - and they're not all the famous and feted. What Roger has done is to crack on and do it. What next?

5 out of 5 stars   They say everyone has a novel in them
They say everyone has a novel in them, Roger Ley shows everyone has a memoir in them. A fascinating read.

Excellent! I found it riveting and well written. I just hope he writes more. I put one star on this because I did not know how to rate properly! I certainly meant to put five!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars   A very fun read
Read this book while on holiday, very fun to read and found it very difficult to put the book down..

5 out of 5 stars   Brilliant Read

Would definitely recommend this book. Very interesting read some of which involved my family history. If you thought you had had an interesting life read this.

4 out of 5 stars Snapshots of seven decades
Roger Ley's collection of memoirs is like a series of short stories, all self-contained, as if one is looking through a snapshot album covering seven decades. Some of these stories have already been published in magazines such as Readers' Digest and Best of Britain.
The stories are told with wit, charm and a self-deprecating humour - very British.

The book is well-structured, eminently readable and I love the way it goes full circle, beginning (more-or-less) and ending with the author's TV/film/showbiz experiences.

Amazon US reviews:

4 out of 5 stars  Mr. Leys' uncanny talent as to capture the moment in his writing is fantastic. 
I found Mr. Ley's memoirs to be quite entertaining. The horse coming to his front door reminded me of times in my childhood. Mr. Ley's uncanny talent as to capture the moment in his writing is fantastic. I enjoy reading anything Mr. Ley has to offer.


  1. I have been following Mr Ley's writings and have found him to be most entertaining. His mix of futurist fiction, sprinkled with his dry wit, is a combination any short fiction aficionado would enjoy. Great premise that most all his works are derived from his book Chronoscape, which is what started it all for me. Mr Ley has an ability to keep the pace of his stories moving along swiftly, while conveying just enough information so as to not bog the reader down in details. His message comes through clearly in everything he writes. And from what I can gather, his writing career is just beginning.


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