An Extract from Chapter 21 of 'Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland'


An extract from 'Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland' 

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'People were cheering and holding their kids up to get a good look,' said Tom. 'Then we heard explosions coming from down the river. That was when they started bombing Vauxhall Cross. It must have been a signal, because the American sailors all scuttled off inside their ship, and the next thing we knew, the gun turrets swivelled around and they started firing at the Shard. I saw several stories blown right off it. It’s lucky hardly anyone lives up there. Then they turned about and set off back down river. Well, the operators closed the Bridge to trap them, but the Yanks gave that a good seeing-to as well. The towers are still there, but the roadways are lying in the water.’

‘I was gutted when I saw it,' said Harry, 'but I can’t say I was surprised. They were teaching us a lesson.’ 

‘Gunboat diplomacy,’ agreed Tom. ‘We did plenty of it ourselves in the days of the British Empire. Now it’s their turn to give it a try.'

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