An extract from Chapter 2 of 'Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland'


‘Hello, Harry,’ said Emma, looking up as he walked through the door and into the saloon bar of the Bear and Penguin. Emma was standing behind the bar, washing glasses. She had a tea towel over her shoulder. ‘I got your message. Would you like a drink?’ Without waiting for an answer, she dried her hands and took down a pint glass from the shelf above her. 

‘Thanks, Em, it’s good to see you. Yes, a pint please.’ He sat on a bar stool, dropped his ditty bag on the floor, and sniffed the air. There was nothing quite like the smell of an English pub: yeast, coal smoke, tobacco, and a slight chemical tang from the still in the backyard.

An extract from 'Harry Lampeter and the War with Scotland'

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